Pest Control Oxford

Pest Control Oxford

Attack Pest Control Oxford has noticed an icrease of rat activity within Oxford City and surrounding areas. We believe that rats and mice gaining access to properties within the city at this time of the year is mainly due to the cold weather. When the temprature drops both rats and mice are looking for basic creature comforts and warmth is one of those comforts.  Once inside a warm home, office, factory or restuarant they can cause distruction & spread disease.

Pests can find their way into buildings through the smallest of holes.  All buildings can provide warmth and shelter which enables rodents to become rapidly established.  One of the most obvious and serious results of rodent infestation is the contamination of surfaces with which they come into contact.  All rodents need to gnaw things regularly in order to control the growth of their teeth.  They frequently turn their destructive attention the computer cables, electric wires and the building fabric.  Routine inspection and treatment by a trained member of our staff will help to minimise these risks.

Pest Control Oxford 01235 202821, pest prevention and removal. Attack pest control is here to help.We know that sighting one pest usually means there is a colony. Whether it be a small or large infestation in a local cafe or large factory or warehouse we are happy to deal with the problem humanly, quickly, discretely and professional.We also offer a regular prevention service to all commercial premises as at Attack Pest Control Oxford we believe that Prevention is better than Cure.100% Customer Satisfaction at Attack Pest Control Oxford
At Attack Pest Control we totally understand how important it is to keep pests away from your premises and know that problems can quickly result in loss of faith, customer reputation and money.Common pests we deal with are:Common commercial pests which include vermin such as wasps, fleas, bees, rabbits, rats, flies, cockroaches, mice, bedbugs, foxes, pigeons, moles, spiders, ants, crawling insects, biting insects, flyin insects, carpet beetles, mo

  • Routine pest prevention Audits.
  • Supply and installation of fly screen doors and windows.
  • Supply and installation on Electronic blue light fly control units {Zappers}.
  • Bird proofing work.
  • Field biologist visits and audits.
  • Free pest control surveys.
  • Routine pest prevention treatments and inspections with both verbal and written reporting service.

To find out more about our Hygiene or Pest Prevention and Pest Control Services you can call your local office on one of the numbers found above or send us and email via our contact page.For Head Office Enquiries Call 01235 202821

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